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Runs for Six weeks, January 3rd – February 7th

Mondays, 6-7 pm and Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 am
Come to both days for faster results or choose one as your schedule allows.
Mark your calendars for a one-of-a-kind fitness course framed by ancient Japanese martial arts practice and principles.  Where most bootcamps take on a military style, the barefoot bootcamp is quite the opposite.  We develop discipline from within and build lifelong habits of health and fitness, while learning a valuable set of self defense movement skills.
This is a boot camp for:
  • The health of your bones and joints
  • Your circulation and energy level
  • Your endurance and heart health
  • Your strength and physical power
  • The length and flexibility of your muscles
  • Your inner calm and sense of balance
Only $49 for all six weeks
If this sounds exactly like the fitness routine you want to be starting in the new year, Contact Us Here.