Everybody’s Busy

Next week is the fifth week in “Fire” month and we’re taking a hard look at how we spend our time.  If you sat down right now and made a pie chart of your life, dividing the pie into categories of how you spend your time, what would it look like?


Now, if you took another few minutes to draw out your ideal time pie chart, what’s that like?  Does it look any different?  This is a great activity to actually do from time to time.  Take out two paper plates and draw it out, with one plate being the reality and the other being the ideal.

How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?  As we learned at our Adults and Teens workshop this month, it’s all about timing.  Looking at those two pie charts, it seems like all our time is eaten up.  But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for things to shift.  I think the key is believing you can make a change.  Really, it’s believing that there’s something you don’t know and that once you figure it out, the shift can happen.  After all, everybody’s busy.  The question, as Oprah puts it, is “What are you busy at?”  Humans are incredibly adept at filling up our days, and making ourselves feel like there’s just nothing we can do differently.  But, I’ve really found this isn’t true.  We aren’t ever really as stuck as we think we are.

It’s just the same in our Taijutsu, isn’t it?  When we’re up against a partner, flowing through techniques and we just can’t seem to catch a break, we feel helpless.  If that partner seems so much faster and more fluid than we are, we can fall into thinking there’s nothing we can do to turn the tables on them.  But as we discovered at our workshop and as we’ll explore more in class this week, you don’t need to be faster, stronger, or even have more tools in your toolbox.  You just have to play smarter with the time you have.

This week, we’ll be using these techniques to work on mastering our timing:

  • Transitioning directions with ukemi
  • Staying in kamae as an uke, the entire time
  • Principles of pinning (higher ranked kids, teens and adults only)
  • The legwork in bear hug escapes and te hodoke
  • Tanto Kamae and Strikes

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the dojo!

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