Your Possibilities

Here’s what’s on my mind these days:

  • Loaded Springs
  • Seeds Lying Dormant
  • Mountains with Volcanic Potential
  • My Children

What do all these things have in common?

They are not defined most by their circumstances, but by their possibilities.  

It’s what I love about a class like Barefoot Boot Camp.  This is the fitness boot camp I have always wanted to find, but never did.  And if y’all know anything about me, it’s that if I can’t find something I want, I make it.  It’s not always the most restful path, but I’m finding that balance, and that’s what Barefoot is all about.  It’s about unlacing those boots, taking away the drill sergeant, and realizing that YOU already have everything you need to be an incredibly healthy, strong and energetic person!

I’ve been learning so much on my own fitness journey the past few years, through the process of training martial arts while pregnant and then recovering postpartum. After it all, I believe that taking care of the body has the potential to transform the entire self.  It’s been amazing to see Sean’s fitness path as well.  His decades of martial arts training have led him to develop a sustainable approach to strength, endurance and flexibility.  If there’s a theme for both of us, looking back on this year in fitness, it’s that mindset is everything and external circumstances are no match for internal determination.

(We start Barefoot Boot Camp in just under 3 weeks!  If you’re ready to get on board, Sign Up Here.)

We’re exploring our hidden potential and finding new ways to bust it out in class this week as we work on:

  • Sideways Ukemi
  • Blocks and Strikes from Kamae Set 2
  • Kihon Koshi Sanpo
  • Tai Sabaki and Tobi

Thanks all for reading.  See you in the dojo!

~Sensei Nesta

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