Budo Mountain Family Martial Arts is expanding!  

We’re hiring A Lead After School Teacher

No Martial Arts Experience Needed

Who We Are:  A well-rounded after school program dedicated to nurturing kids in mind, body and spirit. Through movement, nature exploration, and community-building, we help kids become their best selves. We strive for a gentle and structured approach that challenges students to connect with each other as they deepen their understanding of themselves.

Who We’re Adding to Our Team: Enthusiastic, organized and big-hearted teachers committed to using their gifts with children to make the world a better place. Our staff are passionate about creating a structured community of kindness where kids feel safe and encouraged to explore, learn and grow!

If you’re into joining us, be sure you:

  • Are experienced in compassionate, thoughtful and honest communication with other people about your needs, challenges and questions.
  • Think of children as people who deserve respect but who need time and structured education to learn how to return respect.
  • Are a super punctual person and organization comes easily to you.
  • Are able to maintain a positive and fun class flow, while balancing the general needs of the group with the specific needs of individual children.
  • Have done the work in your life to know how to be assertive on a team – finding that balance between confidence in your way and flexibility to flow with others.
  • Would easily be described by others as bubbly, personable, and outgoing.

Specific Positions Open

Lead After School Teacher:  

  • We pay top competitive salaries, rates depending on experience.
  • 22+ hours weekly. Must be available MWF, 2-6 pm and TR, 2-7 pm. Additional hours available up to 26/week regularly. You may also choose to work spring camp, winter camp and other days when schools are closed or let out early.
  • You will have a group of up to 25 elementary students, with an assistant teacher under you. You will be helping the kids create strong bonds with each other, connect with nature, do awesome art projects and be a warm, welcoming, structured presence for them through the year.
  • Our style of working with kids integrates Montessori principles and mindfulness practices, so familiarity with these concepts will be an advantage.  You will have a group of fewer than fifteen elementary students, helping them create strong bonds with each other, connect with nature, do awesome art projects and be a warm, welcoming, structured presence for them through the year.
  • Must have a relevant college degree and 2+ years experience leading a group of elementary aged children.
  • Must also have experience in delegating and training others as you will have volunteer assistants in the classroom under you and help lead their training.
  • Must have excellent driving record and be comfortable picking up kids in our school van.
  • Position starts mid-August.

Other Teachers: We are also looking for experienced teachers to lead weekly classes in the following:

  • Adults Fitness
  • Kids Gymnastics or Parkour (Flips and Tumbling)

We offer an awesome team environment, excellent trainings and opportunities to grow within the company, and competitive pay.

Please send resume to info@budomountain.com