f1271183-5cca-40cd-bd43-33ead136f135A sense of family is at the forefront of our program.  Our summer camp students form real bonds with each other, and also with the land where they will laugh, grow and play.

Nature Adventure website15Campers look forward to the morning circles, the camp songs, our one-of-a-kind outdoor games (Ninja Kick the Can is a favorite!), educational adventures in the woods, gardens or by the water, and putting together an amazing presentation to share with their parents at the end of camp.

To give your child the benefits of this community, we recommend signing up for at least two or more weeks of Nature Adventures Camp.



Nature Adventure website11The primary role that martial arts plays at camp is to give real-life meaning to the importance of living with honor, integrity and respect.  That’s why we weave our 5 core values of Honesty, Flexibility, Bravery, Awareness and Perseverance into everything we do.  Each week of camp, we also directly explore one value in a fun, real-life way.

Nature Adventure website13For example, in flexibility week, we might create an obstacle course that teaches us to improvise and go with the flow.  In awareness week, we may play games that teach us to look before we leap.

Nature Adventure website12Bravery week offers a chance for kids to try something new or share their talents surrounded by support.

We learn it all through movement and play!  Activities rotate weekly so there’s always something new to do.





Nature Adventure website3We find children grow best with sunlight and fresh air.  Learning, playing and exploring outside is what we are all about at Nature Adventures Summer Camp!

Nature Adventure website4Through outdoor games and adventures, nature crafts, and special topic workshops, children will deepen their love of nature, become more confident in their movement skills, build character through teamwork challenges, and have a great time with their peers.

We are also proud to host weekly workshops by community leaders in nature education to help kids really see the connections between all their wonderful outdoor adventures.  Topics for these workshops include local food, farming and wildcrafting!


Nature Adventure website5At Nature Adventures, movement education and nature education weave together to create one awesome camp experience, building confidence, leaderships skills and character, while fostering connections with friends.

Nature Adventure website10Movement and hands-on experience are the mediums through which we teach because we believe this is how children learn best.
Every day, we go on a martial arts-based adventure in nature, learning new movement skills, discovering the outdoor world, and exploring our core values.

We also host one teacher each week who specializes in a complimentary movement system like yoga or tai chi to teach a movement class that helps the kids connect the dots between everything they’ve learned.