3 Steps to Find Your Motivation Again

This season, we are leading a few workshops to motivate and inspire you on a deep level.  We jump in with seeing how the body can be a guide for us to get our needs met.  We begin with one of the most basic needs – safety.  And then we explore how the same principles we used create a springboard for taking action to move to the next level in other parts of our lives, like career and relationships.

If you will be at the LEAF Festival, I invite you to join us Sunday from 12 – 1 pm in the Earth Tent.

If you will be at the Firefly Gathering, please sign up to attend either of our sessions on Saturday or Sunday.

Whether or not you can join these workshops, I want to share with you some simple things to do to begin the work right now:

Step One: What if I’m Okay?

You might be one of those people who never questions your own worth.  Maybe there is an immense joy bubbling up inside you that was there when you were a child and never got stifled.  If so, you’re an anomaly in our culture, but thankfully that isn’t holding you back at all.

But maybe sometimes you feel stuck, or doubt yourself.  Maybe there is even a chronic issue you deal with.  Maybe it’s something physical, like a chronic injury or pain.  Maybe it’s a negative habit, like pushing others away, tending toward negative thinking, comforting with junk food, working yourself too hard, getting sucked into an addiction, or a habit of anxiety.  If anything like this resonates with you, you are not alone in our culture, by a long shot.

Step one for today is just to entertain the possibility that you, as you are, are a good person, worthy of complete health and happiness.  Whatever negative habit or frustrating chronic pain you’re dealing with does not mean you’re on the wrong path!  You don’t have to fix yourself, you don’t have to hide yourself.  You are okay.  Maybe just sit back and breath for a sec, and see how that possibility feels in your body.

What if it’s okay to be how you are?


Gasp!  I know how counterintuitive it seems that doing nothing on a regular basis will propel your entire life forward.  But it does make complete sense.  Because people who take action from a place of being grounded in their bodies just get more done in less time.  They are more powerful.

You can see this concept play out in a very physical, clear way in the dance of martial arts.  But in our lives, it can be hard to see.  It has taken me years to remotely grasp the power of spaciousness in life, and I’ve been working hard at it.  I’ve just had to face facts: I won’t get more of what I want by doing more.  It’s just that I’m addicted to being busy.

So as soon as you can today – and maybe even before that – go outside and don’t bring anything with you – not your phone, your cigarettes, or your to do list – whatever your addicted to.  Just observe.  Pay attention to yourself and the world around you, but don’t do anything else.


Either right after your walk, or tonight before bed, take a moment to write down where you are and where you want to be going.  Maybe you want to express a few big picture goals and then write down where you feel you are at with these right now, anything that seems to be holding you back, and any small step you think you can take tomorrow to create momentum for the next steps in your life.


Alright, there you have it.  3 quick steps to take today to begin the spiral of deep, internal motivation. I say spiral because true and lasting motivation is not a linear process.  You must repeat and repeat and repeat.  Thankfully these steps are simple!  Do them every day if you can, and see how you feel in a month.  I hope you’ll be surprised by the spaciousness and energy you free up to take the actions that are right for you in your life right now.

At the dojo, our theme is “Beginner’s Mind,” that mental state when we first begin a new practice, full of motivation and inspiration.  We’ll be going through a version of the steps above in the dojo as we explore the following techniques:

Techniques of the Week
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Ukemi Sokuho Ukemi Sokuho Kaiten
Technique 1 Uke-Tori Responsibilities Randori
Technique 2 Musha Dori and Onikudaki Footwork Kusari Fundo Kamae
Technique 3 Musha Dori and Onikudaki Kusari Fundo Striking (BB empty handed)

Kasumi Club: (most likely) : Ganseki Oshi – “Pushing Throw” and Osoto Gake – “Big Outside Trap”


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the dojo!

~Sensei Nesta

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