A Balanced Approach to Resolving Conflict

Welcome to the fourth week of October!  We are still in the Water element here at Budo Mountain.  Our theme this week is “Peaceful Conflict”. Something I absolutely love about our school and haven’t found at other martial arts schools is that we don’t simply teach de-escalation tactics.  We teach actual conflict resolution. Kids enrolled in our afternoon leadership programs are actually learning solid methods for resolving problems with their peers, and building their toolkit for creating solid, life-long friendships.

And this stuff is not just for kids.  The greatest benefit I’ve learned from studying a combat art is actually how to be more centered and at peace when handling problems with others.  Ronald Reagan was not off the mark when he said, “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with conflict by peaceful means.”

In classes this week, we’re exploring how boundary setting and being clear about who we are and what we want will help keep us not only safe, but thriving.  We’re reminding ourselves that a balanced approach to conflict, not avoiding it or dwelling too long in it, is the healthiest and most peaceful way to live.

This week in our Leadership Lessons, we’re reviewing the KidPower Raincoat technique and revisiting the Guardian that the kids created for themselves earlier this month.  

Our Techniques of the Week are…

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Ukemi Rolls All Ways Break Falls All Ways
Technique 1 Ichimonji no Kata:

Adults Try with Bo Staff

Bitty Bu: More Ichimonji no Kata

Principles of Throwing and Basic Hip Throw

Technique 2 Principles of Throwing and Basic Hip Throw Bo Staff Kamae and Strikes
Technique 3 Cross Body Wrist Escape Behind the Back Double Wrist  Escape


Leadership Lesson: My Guardian and the KidPower Raincoat    

Adventure Spot: Sea Animals      

Kasumi Club:  Next Technique in This Year’s Ryu

In dojo news, we are so excited to announce that we have a new Scholarship Program!  This will be for the After School Program only as we get started in our first year. We are currently accepting nominations for the Scholarship Board.  We’re looking for folks with backgrounds working with diverse populations of kids. It’s important to have an understanding of the positive impact that access to a program like ours has for children.

To nominate yourself or someone you know, please submit a contact form with information about your previous experience working with diverse populations of kids and/or being on a board or committee that empowers youth.

Thanks for reading!

See you in the dojo,

Sensei Nesta

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