The Power of Privacy – and of Opening Up!

Can you believe it’s the end of September!!  Welcome to fall, y’all. Even though the activity in nature is slowing down, autumn is a time of new beginnings for many of us.  It’s often a time when people move and settle into a new place, many folks are also getting started with new routines for the season, and of course many are starting a new school year.  

Because of this, it’s a perfect time to talk about the “Power of Privacy”.  This is the theme of our week. Every kid needs a good deal of schooling and a great deal of practice discerning with whom to share what information, and when to share it.  But even as teens, college students, and adults, it can be tricky to navigate when and how to open up with others as we build relationships.

This week, we’re working with the kids to differentiate between important information to tell, even if someone wants you to keep it a secret, and information it’s better to keep to ourselves.  Like, if a friend doesn’t listen to a boundary, but says they won’t play with you anymore if you tell an adult, we’ll practice sticking with it and getting help anyway. We’ll also practice a scenario where we’re playing in our front yard and someone walks up and asks our name – that’s a situation where the power of privacy is vital!  

The teens will also work on finding ways to tell trusted adults when our boundaries get violated, or when someone is trying to get us to break a safety rule.  This can be so tough when you’re afraid of embarrassment. To counter this, we’ll teach the teens a tool for reconnecting with what’s truly important to them, so they can bravely act in their own, long-term best interest.

And lastly, we’ll talk about our dreams – those pure and innocent callings inside of each of us that tell us how we could really find fulfillment and make a difference in the world.  Even if, as an adult, we know not to give our personal information before we trust someone, we often tend to either overshare or under-share about our deepest selves as we’re getting to know people.  Share too soon, and we could expose our fragile dreams to unnecessary damage.

Share too late, and we will never really be able to live fully in the world.  Our focus this week is on finding that sweet spot in the middle, where we can stand solidly in our authentic self, but reveal that self in layers that help us filter out people who will not serve our higher goals for lives and attract people who will.

This theme of privacy and sharing comes under the larger theme of “Think First Power” that we’ve been exploring since last week.  These concepts are all in the month of Integrity because how and when you share of yourself plays a huge role in determining how well you are living out this value in daily practice.  Our jumping off point for all of this deep work of self growth is this simple quote from Dr. Brene Brown: “Share with people who have earned the right to hear your story.”  In other words – yes, it is important to share who we are with others.  Without this, there is no hope for connection. But, especially in this modern world where we get the opportunity to interact with so many different people, we’ve got to be thoughtful (Think First Power!) about the way we share ourselves.  

This theme relates so perfectly to our martial movements because each technique must be revealed through a certain progression to be effective.  If you lay all your cards on the table at once, the moves get muddled and nothing is effective. Wait too long and, well, it was nice knowing ya.  Again, it’s all about finding the sweet spot, and sharing each part at the appropriate time. We’ll be exploring it all through the following techniques:


Budo Techniques of the Week
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Ukemi Rolls All Ways Break Falls All Ways
Technique 1 Kids: Hicho no Kata Block and Kick

Adv Kids – Adults:  

Principles of pinning – arm pin

Kids: Hicho no Kata Step and Shuto

Adv Kids – Adults: Principles of pinning – body pin

Technique 2 Te Hodoki Tai Hodoki
Technique 3 Hanbo Kamae Hanbo: Blocks, Strikes and Chi no Kata

Leadership Lesson: What to Tell and Not Tell to Whom    Adventure Spot: Ice Kingdom      

Kasumi Club: (most likely):  Next Technique in This Year’s Ryu

Parkour Techniques of the Week
  • Ukemi from Ichimonji and Hida Postures
  • Cartwheels from Ichimonji and Hida Postures
  • Hands Stands (starting against the wall)
  • Basic kicks including the hook kick, roundhouse kick, butterfly kick, and tornado kick.

We’re also gearing up for an awesome Free Kids Yoga Class on Monday, Sept. 17th from 4-4:45 pm!  If you haven’t yet signed up, remember to contact us here and let us know you’d like to join in.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the dojo!

~Sensei Nesta

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