This May Sound Crazy, But… (Asheville Martial Arts Weekly Update)

This may sound crazy, but we encourage our top adult students to try out other martial arts. Doing so is strictly forbidden at some schools, while others are open to it and some schools, like ours, actually require it to before a student achieves Black Belt in our dojo.  Our perspective it this:  We are learning how to move for real life.  And in real life, you will encounter all kinds of people, and some of them will have training in one martial art or another.  You need to go out and throw yourself in with those folks to experience what it’s like to go up against them.  You will learn a great deal and be better at Budo Taijutsu because of it.

We were at a seminar a couple weeks ago with Shihan Rob Renner who emphasized this point.  We did some very simple moves but worked on tightening them up so that we aren’t vulnerable to the kinds of attacks we might see in other arts, not just our own.  While I am firmly set on the path of my own martial art, the point of spending time training across arts is to not become settled in my path.

Everything I work on in Budo Taijutsu will only become richer when I begin to explore other perspectives.  As Abigail Adams put it, “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”  Isn’t this true of  all the things we are committed to in our own lives?   Perhaps we can’t say we have really learned something until we’ve opened our mind beyond it.

The quote above is a great one to go with our value theme for the month: Bravery.  To help us learn about this concept, we think of the element of fire – bright and fierce.  This week, our particular theme is “Build Your Mind.”  We encourage you to go after your training with ardor and diligence as we work on:

Techniques of the Week

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Ukemi Zenpo Kaiten Zenpo Ukemi (Break Falls)
Technique 1 Blocks and Strikes from Kamae Set 1
Technique 2 Chudan Uke Moving through the Opponent with Structure
Technique 3 Uda Shuto Ka no Kata

Kasumi Club (most likely 😁): Ganseki Ori and Ganseki Otoshi

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Thanks for reading!  See you in the dojo,

Sensei Nesta

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