Words in Motion

Welcome to the first full week of February!  We’ve moved into a new element – Earth.  These element themes are just our way of focusing our learning on different concepts that the ancient Japanese elements represent.  Earth is, of course, about the solid, concrete aspects of life.  Along that vein, our weekly theme is “Words in Motion”.

What we’re focusing on is how to take ideas, thoughts, and words and put them into action.  This theme applies to training as well as our everyday lives.  In both of these areas, thought and verbal communication are important tools for learning.  But, as Wangari Maathai puts it, “Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.”

February is a good month for going more internal, for taking time to think, reflect and plan.  But there are many things in our lives we can put into action this month that will help improve our health, wellbeing and happiness.  It’s a great time to look back on New Year’s Resolutions and recalibrate our course of action, taking concrete steps to do and become what is most important to do and become.

I love how this all plays out on the dojo floor.  Every class is an ebb and flow between thought and application.  This week, we’re exploring putting the words of how to train into the movement those words represent.  It’s all about learning and memorizing first, then using the actual moment of movement to let the mind be empty.  Our actions hold the words for us.

Our techniques of the week are:

  • Forward Ukemi
  • Happo Keri, San Tan Ken
  • Blocks and Strikes from Kamae Set 1
  • Chi no Kata
  • Leaping Down

This week, I wanted to make sure you all know of our Ninja Kids Night In – Parent’s Night Out!  Just in time for Valentine’s weekend, we’re hosting an epic evening for kids only on Saturday, February 17th from 6-10 pm.  Open to all kids, no Ninja Kids Club membership required.  Space is limited so please Register Your Child Here.

Thanks for reading!  See you all in the dojo!

-Sensei Nesta


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