Ready to help other women in Asheville be more safe, healthy and empowered?  You can be part of the Kunoichi Coalltion.  Anyone can join and it’s easy!  Kunoichi Coalition members are needed for:

  • Finding new prizes for the game.  (This is one of the simplest asks ever.  Every business has been so excited to be a part of this!)
  • Hanging up some flyers around town to let women know about the game.
  • Spreading the word in other ways through social media or calling women who said they’d love a reminder call!
If you can be part of the Kunoichi Coalition, simple fill our the form below.  We’ll follow up to give you the materials you need to help out.   You’ll even receive an awesome Kunoichi Coalition badge, because YOU ROCK!

Kunoichi Coalltion